take your vitaemins everyday

hiatus bc school // hi i'm hilary and i ship amber fucking liu with almost everyone. but still, henber is my jam and maybe jackber and sorber are climbing their way to the top. eyy big momma i stan shinee i'm an amberkrisment to my whole clan. also, got7. they be the shit (not shittier than shinee doe bc shinee is def the shittiest

+i kind of have a 'personal' blog but i don't update it anymore ((idonugget)) and this blog is becoming more personal by the day

++did i tell you dane fUCKING dehaan is my other other bae

+++idk man this is my blog and i can do whatever the fuck i want

++++am i popular now

because they keep mentioning how he turned from fairy into man


where are you not looking at, lee taemin?

Disinterested or polite? hard to say…

taekai at the arcade ft. taemin’s mad skills

my weak taekey heart can’t handle this rn stop (x)


It’s said that 90% of people will see the same word first. Don’t cheat! Type the first 3 words you see in the comments and then look and see what everyone else saw!

most attractive member of shinee : kim jonghyun for baekhyungs

because jackbam ships jackbam the most.


i dont have a wii i just like this song


140825 Minho at MTT event at night

When 3 doctors diagnose fans, Minho’s patient confessed her trouble about her husband. She often has a quarrel with her husband because he is proud of himself too much. and she said she wanted her husband to apologize to her. Since Minho is single, it was too difficult for him to answer… then after thinking for a while, Minho created a necklace with tape and said “ Why don’t you  put necklace on him like this ? ” ^^

omg so cute !!! But nobody was satisfied that answer XD then mature Sang woo senpai suggested ” you should stay silent till your husband apologize to you ” and uri cutie Minho appeared saying ” so you need this mask to keep silent ” while putting her a mask ^^ awwwww so cute :) 

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