take your vitaemins everyday

hiatus bc school // hi i'm hilary and i ship amber fucking liu with almost everyone. but still, henber is my jam and maybe jackber and sorber are climbing their way to the top. eyy big momma i stan shinee i'm an amberkrisment to my whole clan. also, got7. they be the shit (not shittier than shinee doe bc shinee is def the shittiest

+i kind of have a 'personal' blog but i don't update it anymore ((idonugget)) and this blog is becoming more personal by the day

++did i tell you dane fUCKING dehaan is my other other bae

+++idk man this is my blog and i can do whatever the fuck i want

++++am i popular now

so i kinda baked a cake for my ultimate bias
생일 축가해 온유 오빠! 사랑해♡

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